Friday, July 3, 2009


Vintage table cloths, canvas, and a chenille bedspread were used in the construction of this quilt. They were dyed, printed and discharged. Originally called "Nine" I renamed this quilt after recently submitting it for a show.

The process of this quilt was documented in January posts. It started with yellow fabric, applique and dense quilting. It was then washed , discharged, over-dyed and printed.


This quilt began with solid blocks of fabric. Densely quilted then washed. After it was washed I then discharged, printed and over-dyed it.

MUD PIES FOR ADULTS / Nov. 14 & 15

Anita Luvera Mayer's workshop "Mud Pies for Adults" will be held on November 14 &15. In this workshop participants will complete a reference art journal notebook as they make small fabric and paper samples using paste paper, resists, fabric crayons, paint sticks,marbled tissue, foiling, burned felt, stamping and more. "Stations" of each technique will be available so that eeryone has the fun of trying innovative ways to decorate cloth, wrapping paper, greeting cards and journals. This is an introduction to your creativity along with an inspirational journal of ideas and instruction. The cost of this workshop is $140 (with $40 lab fee) and is open to all skill levels. Contact for registration form or if you would like further information.